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Orion Woodshop of Maine

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and Orion Woodshop fits the bill. Born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Orion was founded by Reece Teixeira and Ryan Cathcart. What started as a “side hustle” in Reece's basement, making cutting boards and cornhole sets, quickly evolved into custom furniture, finish carpentry, and small scale structural builds. After a year of growth, Orion's operation moved out of Reece's basement, into a full scale shop in Lisbon Falls. In addition to that, Orion has grown in personnel to continue to scale the business.

At Orion, we pride ourselves on taking a distinguished approach to every detail of our operations. We aim to achieve this by:

  • 1

    Building top-of-the-line products and structures with a high level focus on detail and quality of materials.

  • 2

    Positioning ourselves as industry leaders in both carpentry and custom woodworking through the utilization of 3D renderings.

  • 3

    Providing top tier customer service in quality and timeliness of communication.

  • 4

    Being thorough and detailed in the organization and management of our operations.

  • 5

    Engaging in charitable efforts to become a strong community partner.

  • 6

    Continuing the development of our knowledge and skills well beyond what others would consider adequate for completing the necessary tasks.

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